Yacht charter in Croatia, Greece, Italy

It is important to choose the right destination while planning the holiday or vacation trip. Only few people like to choose the most amazing travel destination and rest are choosing the common tourists spots. The users who wish to explore various islands and breath taking view then the Croatia would be the best choice. It is an Eastern European Country, which has various islands across the country and largest coastal line. The islands can be visited using the yacht and this is famous and most commonly used transportation of Croatia. Here, I am going to share my Croatia trip with my friends and the readers can explore some of the best spots in the upcoming passages. You can always buy yacht charter Croatia in section.

To reach various islands of the Croatia, the travelers need yacht charter and it can be rented from the leading boat rental agencies. We have preferred an exceptional yacht to explore the finest spots of Croatia. More here: http://www.velmundi.com/yacht-charter/croatia/


Day 1 Split – Solta

In our first day of sailing boat in Croatia, we have reached the Split and started our journey en route for Solta.

Day 2 Solta – Rogoznica

The Solta is a popular island and has 1700 populations only. The Rogaci is a nearest island of the Solta and it is famous for fishing, olives, tourism and vineyards. We enjoyed our trip here from the first to last minute without getting tired. On the second day we moved to the Rogoznica. Yacht Charter in Split you can find here.


Day 3 Rogoznica – Skradin

It is the most famous tourist destination of Croatia. It has the best resorts and the tourists can find all the facilities here. The natives speak Croatia (Croatian) language in this village but they are able to fluently communicate with various global languages.

Day 4 Skradin – Zlarin

The best facilities of the yacht charter helped us to enjoy every places and the tour package was very awesome. We have reached the Skradin in our fourth day of tour and it is very small town of Italy. The series of waterfalls and The Skradinki Buk is the main attraction of this small town. The place was too good to enjoy in the day time in charter in Italy.

Day 5 Zlarin – Kaprije

The Zlarin is also a smallest town that was included in our tour package. It has some unique types of cypress trees, natural plants, fig and other natural elements, which gave us an experience of exploring the best things about nature. The traditions of this island have surprised us a lot and the native’s hospitality was exceptional.


Day 6 Kaprije – Sesula

We have reached this spot on our sixth tour day. The formation of this island is the primary attention of this town. It is formed by various hills and divided by valleys. The residents of this village have explained how they cultivate the grapes and olives in the mountain.

Day 7Sesula- Split

We have got an unforgettable experience with the bay of Sesula. We all have so excited about this place and finally we decided to leave the place after an immense enjoyment and reached to the Split.