Explore plenty of natural views in Croatia islands

The avid tourists can find plenty of travel destinations across the world but only few are best among them. Visiting to the common tourists spot make the people to take photos and make some good memories. However, visiting to country, which has plenty of natural views and islands would be better than that because it let them to have new experience. The Croatia is a perfect travel destination for the users, who love to visit islands using the yacht boats. The country is located in Eastern European continent and millions of tourists visit this spot every year. Before visiting the spot, the tourists need to book their yacht charter in Croatia from the leading boat rental agencies. Based on the tour package, the travelers can explore plenty of destinations in the Croatia.


Generally, the tour packs start from the Hvar or Split. These two are the starting destination and let the travelers to explore lot of natural views and must see places of Croatia. The tour packages can be purchased in affordable price and their service would be exceptional. Here, we are very pleasure to share our Croatia trip experience with you and hope it would be useful for you.

Day 1 Hvar

On our first day of tour, we have reached the Hvar. It was one of the best attractions of Croatia. It the most suggested place to visit for the foreigners and the mother tongue of this city is Croatia (Croatian). However, the natives can speak fluently in English and some other global languages with the tourists. We took lot of pictures there and the energetic nightlife has given us a new experience.


Day 2 Korcula

From Hvar we have travelled to the Korcula on the next day using sailing boat. The best thing about visiting the Korcula is getting the chance to explore the historical elements. We were able to find plenty of small cafes and restaurants in this town and that helped us to have food while traveling. The clubs let the travelers to enjoy lot of games and the Marco Polo Measure is main attraction of this destination.

Day 3 Lastovo

On the third day, we moved to the Lastovo Island, which is filled with dark and deep forests. It encouraged us to explore all the spots of this island. On evening time we enjoyed the swimming and that was a good relaxation for us. This destination is also famous for Sunbathing & Dalmatian cuisine.


Day 4 VIS

The wonderful climate of the VIS makes this city as the best attraction of Croatia. The yachting is very popular here and this place has plenty of natural drinking water resources. The World Organization environmentally preserves this destination.

Day 5 Stari Grad

The Stari Grad can be reached from the Northern part of Hvar. The natural elements are the highlight of this island and it is protected by UNESCO. After completing all the trips to many places we finally returned to the Hvar on our sixth day with plenty of unforgettable memories.


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